5 Easy Steps That Will Improve Your Decision Making

Juan // November 25  

Perhaps you have too much information and you feel overwhelmed. Maybe it’s the fear of having to deal with negative results from your choice. But I think that above all it’s is your fear to commit to your decision, that makes you seek validation.

As if in a way your self-confidence betrays you. Because the moment you commit to one thing, you have to leave the other choices behind and with that the possible outcomes they might have produced.

Therefore, you find yourself avoiding making a choice, only to have it come to the point where you can’t focus on anything else. Just decide!

I recently read on Seth Godin’s blog an article called “How To Go Faster.” As I started reading, I realized that it was actually an outline of a decision-making process, which I have copied below:

  1. Make decisions faster. You rarely need more time. Mostly, you must merely choose to decide. The simple test: is more time needed to gather useful data, or is more time merely a way to postpone the decision?
  2. Make decisions in the right order. Do the decisions with the most expensive and time-consuming dependencies first. Don’t ask the boss to approve the photos once you’re in galleys, and don’t start driving until you’ve looked at the map.
  3. Only make decisions once, unless new data gives you a profitable reason to change your mind.
  4. Don’t ask everyone to help you decide. Ask the people who will either improve the decision or who have input that will make it more likely you won’t get vetoed later.
  5. Triage decisions. Some decisions don’t matter. Some decisions are so unimportant that they are trumped by speed. And a few decisions are worth focusing on.

It might all seem obvious, but it hit me like an Aha-Moment. Let’s face it, making decisions can be very stressful sometimes.

Especially if you have many things to manage at the same time or are very impatient like me with my projects. Most of the time, I feel that everything moves very slowly, especially when I’m striving for the things that I really want, so then I push for things to happen faster only to find myself overwhelmed by having to decide between many options.

When I read Seth’s blog post, I started thinking about the way I make decisions. I understood that yes, things do take time but I just have to focus my efforts on improving the way I make decisions.

I have the power to accelerate any process by improving my skills, which then, has a direct impact on my productivity by lowering my procrastination time.

Everything is affected by our ability to make decisions. Our relationships, our friendships, our careers, they are all directly impacted by our ability to make decisions.

Sometimes we may just feel like leaving things to chance or perhaps even asking somebody else to make the choice for us. Whatever the case, a decision has to be made.

Either now, today, tomorrow, the decision must be made. It doesn’t make sense to procrastinate until it’s too late. The faster you decide, the faster you can move on.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is stop thinking too much about it. Just decide, put it behind you and move on. If it didn’t work, then now you know, correct what you can and move on. But don’t forget that no decision is also a decision.

If there is somebody you know who may benefit from this post, do them and me a favor by sharing it with them.

What I want you to do now is to share in the comment section below how you deal with making important decisions. Do you take time to take a choice or just decide the first thing that comes to you?

I have a found quick decision-making test for you to evaluate the level of development of your decision-making skills that I will be sharing in this week’s newsletter. Just sign up below


To check Seth Godin’s original post: Click here

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