I help entrepreneurs inspire change through the power of their story

People Don't Buy Products

They Don't Understand

You may have the best product in the world, but if your message is confusing, people won't see it and will buy from your competitors. I'm a storytelling consultant and I help you turn a confusing message into a compelling story that turns strangers into long-term customers.

I very much appreciated your training and we are already implementing some of your methodology in our communication approach.

Managing Director, Philip Morris Austria

It All Started Because

I Almost Passed Out

Today, I work with entrepreneurs and program ranging from supply chain, to health tech, to fin tech, media and more.

I've help founders appear on TV, get investment, and win competitions.

I've hosted events in more than 12 countries and spoken in front of more than 10k people.

But, it didn't start this way.

Actually, I couldn't even speak in front of others...

Back in 2011, I had to deliver a 5 minute presentation that completely changed my life and not because it went great.

It went horribly wrong, I almost passed out right there in front of the 10 people that were in the room. Panic took over and my mind went blank.

And as I walked out from that room, I realized that I was in trouble. 

Because if I was to achieve my vision of becoming an entrepreneur, I was going to need to master my presentation skills.

So I made a promise, a promise to never go through that situation ever again in my life.

And instead, I worked on my skills until they improved.

It was a very painful process... until one day it happened

As I got better, people began to notice and entrepreneurs started asking me to coach them.

Suddenly, they start winning competitions, getting investment, and growing their businesses.

So I decided to codify the framework and put it together into a program that I can maximize the ROI of participants, allowing them to get the most in shortest amount of time.

I called It Inspiring Founder.

Storyselling Masterclass 2

Want To Become

An Inspiring Founder?

If you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur struggling with:

  • Getting people interested in your product?
  • Simplifying your message so people take action?
  • Attracting customers with your message?
  • Figuring out a way to make an impact and a profit?

If yes, it's not your fault. You are just too close to it. Let's help you transform your message, business, and life.