Vienna Pitch Training

Join us for the Vienna Pitch Training

A free, monthly meet-up designed to transform your elevator pitch, get feedback on your idea, and connect with other entrepreneurs.

Next meet-up: 24.01.2024 at 5pm (Vienna Time)
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Simplify Your Message

Hook Your Ideal Customers

Inspire Them To Take Action

As Seen From...

People Don't Buy Products They Don't Understand

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with...

  • Getting people to see value in your product or service?
  • Understanding how to positioning your product so people want it?
  • Clarifying your message so that people understand your product?
  • Understanding the real problem people are trying to solve?
  • Finding a safe place where you can get feedback on your idea?
  • Connecting with other entrepreneurs that you can bounce ideas back and forth?

If yes, no problem. It's not your fault. You are just too close to it. That's why we host a monthly, free meet-up to help entrepreneurs like you transform their message and their business!

The Vienna pitch training was a fantastic opportunity to talk in front of an audience and get constructive feedback and improve the skills needed to attract attention to your idea.


Introducing The Vienna Pitch Training

In the past, you would need to enrol in a formal accelerator program or spend a whole weekend doing a hackathon to get feedback and support on your business idea.

The Vienna Pitch Training is a safe place where entrepreneurs, startup founders, freelancers, and experts develop a clear, concise, and persuasive 90 second elevator pitch for their business.

What you’ll Learn

Eliminate confusion

People don't buy things they don't understand. Discover the 4 step framework to developing a message that hooks your customers in less than 90 seconds.


Make sure people are listening to what you have to say, through this strategic structure based on biology, you will learn to quickly create powerful hooks to attract interest

SHOWCASE your expertISE

Showcase your expertise without bragging about yourself, allowing you to build trust and connect with your customers so that they lower their sales resistance.

It was a great experience! Great idea and valuable content, thank you Juan Guerra! I encourage everyone to come to this training


Who Is This For?


SaaS Founders

Business Owners

Agency Owners

The Vienna Pitch Training brings a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to unfold any doubts about their pitch and gain the needed confidence for when presenting in front of clients.


About Your Host

Juan helps service-based entrepreneurs develop a story that attracts and converts customers by giving them value.

Through his StorySelling program he helps you turn a confusing message into a system that converts customers by delivering value.

What People Say About The Host

I met Juan at the Talent Garden in the "Pitch Training" session. The workshop was good. With the resources Juan introduced, not only I pitched my business idea better but also it helped me to write better motivation/cover letters because I learned how to catch the attention of people. 

UX Researcher at refurbed

Juan is a very pleasant speaker with a huge knowledge of his field, able to make difficult concepts easy. It was a great opportunity for me to take part at his training and definitely one of my strongest experiences in Vienna. Can't wait for the next chance I'll have to stop by and get new advices!
Meriam Chouchene
Pursuit Lead at BDO Germany

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the pitches be?

Between 30 to 90 Seconds. We focus on transforming your elevator pitch, your oneliner. The pitch you give when people ask you "What do you do?"

Can I use slides with my pitch?

No. This are spontaneous 90 seconds pitches, no chance for making things complicated. You shouldn't need slides to pitch your business to customers.

Which kind of pitches will we focus on?

Customer pitch. Also known as your oneliner or elevator pitch. The one you use to communicate your business and hook your customers into wanting to know more.

Is it Mandatory That I Pitch My Business?

Nop. You can come and watch. We do ask you that you share feedback with the other pitches to maximize their growth.

Am I guaranteed The Chance To Pitch My Business?

No. It's possible we ran out of time before you get the chance to pitch. You are always invited to join us the following month. On average we have between 5 to 7 pitches per meetup.

Why Is This Event For Free?

There isn't a monthly place to easily get feedback on your business unless you hire professional help (like Juan) or you join a formal entrepreneurship program so I decided to create it myself. My goal (Juan) is to help entrepreneurs with their message while building my personal brand and in the process, I get to showcase my skills to potential new customers. There is no need to buy anything to attend the Vienna Pitch Training.

Can I pitch In German?

Sure, however, you get more out of it if you give it a try in English.

Do You Offer Extra Help With Pitching?

Yes I do. You can see more by clicking on this link