Why Not Everything You See Can Be Storytelling

Juan // March 29  

Storytelling is officially a buzzword. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and professionals refer to any type of business content as a “story.”

Whether they are pitching their business or posting on LinkedIn, they talk about their “story.”

And this automatically creates a problem.

Because if you are not clear on what makes something a story, then how can you successfully put together the engaging storytelling campaigns that grow your business?

So let’s focus on the fundamentals.

In order for something to be a story, it needs to have 5 very distinct elements.

Without them, it’s not a story.

As simple as that.

A “Mission Statement” is not a story. A Vision is not a story.

An “About Us” page should be one.

Your Business Pitch, it probably isn’t but, it can be turned into one and you definitely should.

So what are those 5 elements?

The 5 Elements That Make Something A Story

In order for something to be a story, it must have ALL of the following 5 elements.

1) A story needs characters, these are normally a protagonist or hero, the antagonist or villain, the supportive characters, etc.

2) A story needs to have a setting (time and place), this is where the action takes place. Whether it is Istanbul in 1392 or your uncle’s place in 2020, it doesn’t matter. This is what allows us to visualize the context in which the story happens.

3) A story needs to have a theme. Whether a moral lesson or a belief, whatever it is, the story must not only entertain but also deliver some kind of information.

4) A story needs to have a problem, an element of conflict that creates tension between all the different characters. The problem is the key element upon which the story is based, the central point that drives the protagonist to find a solution to it.

5) And finally, every story has a plot, whether resulting in a positive or negative outcome, the plot is a series of events that take place around the central conflict.

Fail to have one of them and automatically it’s not a story.

Now, all these elements are added in the mix at particular times as the story is delivered.

Allowing you to take individual elements and merge them together into a powerful journey for your customer.

But, that requires its own post, so more on that very soon.

For now, it’s important to understand that every story has 5 elements.

Without them, your story is broken.

If your story is broken, your ability to persuade others will be less powerful.

But, it doesn’t have to be.

Make It Happen!

Is there something in your marketing materials that you thought it was a story and now realized that it isn’t?

I would love to hear about it, please share in the comment section below what is it and how do you think you can turn it into a story?

Embrace it, share it, own it!

All the best,


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