I'm Your Secret Weapon.

Event Moderation & Workshops that transform participants into super fans so that you can stand out, increase sales, and make an impact.

Stop pushing participanTS, CUSTOMERS, & EMPLOYEES AWAY

People Come To Your Event or Join Your Company, Not Because Of You, But Because Of Themselves.

Whether you organize events, run a small business, or work at a large corporation, people are attracted to doing business with you not because of how cool you are, but because they feel you can help them achieve their goals.

That's why they applied to work at your company, decided to attend your event, bought your product or service, and it's those organizations that understand this and shift the way they engage customers and employees that are going to succeed.


Over 200+ Successful Projects and Still Counting


Stand out from the sea of events by providing an exciting experience that ads value to your community, partners, and brand.


Make your startups shine and position your program by transforming your Demo Day into an undercover sales event that attracts business.


Increase sales and employee satisfaction with a workshop that transforms your biggest asset into your biggest lead generation force.

HOW I Can Help You


Whether you are launching a new product, going through a transformation, or want to provide a better experience to your attendees, I can help you in 3 ways.


Stage moderation of your event, support with the development of the content and the program, to create an engaging story around the experience.


Storytelling and pitching workshops for your employees to reconnect with the purpose of your business, while simplifying and aligning the way they pitch your business.


Working one-on-one with your speakers and team members to ensure they develop and deliver an exciting performance on the stage that achieves results.

How It Works?

A Very Simple Process

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Plan And Develop

With the goals defined, we develop the content that will be delivered.

Amaze Your Tribe

Deliver a valuable experience to your participants and employees.. 


My Unique SEP System

With almost 10 years of experience delivering events and workshops, I've had the chance to experiment and test, improving what works and eliminating what doesn't, allowing me to develop my own, unique system.

Based on Empathy, and Purpose, I use Storytelling to develop a memorable experience that ads value to participants and your business by creating a space for them to excel. 

Book a call now to discover how The SEP System will help your business grow.

About Juan Guerra.

Juan is committed to supporting events and companies provide a unique experience to their participants and employees.

He believes that by helping them create a unique space where people can be the best version of themselves, he is able to drive positive impact in our society.


What Clients Say

Juan's strong motivation to help the teams, his profound knowledge in training and state of the art pitches and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training. Having 3 out 4 teams proceed to the intrapreneurship program speak volumes of his abilities.

Roman Grochol

DHL Start-up lab

After 3 batches, Juan's knowledge and dedication has proven to be a great asset for our accelerator program. Through his storytelling workshops, he makes sure our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees to join their team.

Katharina Binder

ELEVATE Accelerator Program

It was because of Juan’s amazing storytelling skills, that we could shape and refine our ideas. Together, we successfully worked on our strategy & story and developed an awesome pitch. With his pitch deck, we already had great meetings with investors and more will follow soon!

Dimitrios Prodromou

Humanizing technologies

Are People Confused When You Explain Your Business?

Discover the secret method to simplifying your message so that you can get more people to buy from you.

Eliminate all the confusion distracting your customers from seeing the value in your products.