Turn Your Employees Into A Sales Force

A tailored workshop designed to train your employees on how to communicate their work to externals without feeling like they are selling.

Increase Lead Generation

Have your employees create new opportunities and refer more business without any lifestyle changes or feeling forced to do so.

Easier Talent Recruitment

Applicants trust more what employees have to say about their organization, so use it strategically to attract more of the right talents.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Clarity on their work, makes people feel more connected with the organization, and can see how they can contribute to its growth.


You know everybody needs to contribute to the bottom line, but how can you activate your employees without having them feel forced into becoming a "sleazy salesperson"?

You would like to...

  • Have your employees refer more business to the sales team and talents
  • See your employees be more present on social media sharing about the work they do
  • Have your employees more connected and committed to the goals of the company

If yes, then this workshop may be for you.

I very much appreciated your training and we are already implementing some of your methodology in our communication approach

Alexander SCHÖnegger
Managing Director, Philip Morris Austria


StorySelling For Teams

A 2-day workshop designed to help your employees develop their origin story around your business so that they connect with the organization, see the value it provides, and feel excited about telling others about what they do, allowing them to refer more business and talents.

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Juan's profound knowledge in state-of-the-art pitching and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training.

Startup Lab, DHL DPD


StorySelling for Teams

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