Transform the way you communicate your business and see your business grow even if you suck at presenting.





"Juan showed us how to pitch our idea, how to structure our message, how to influence the audience and get their attention. Last but not least, out of 30 teams, we won the competition thanks to his coaching"


Co-Founder at Parknshare

Simplify Your Message System - Free Course

If you feel like you are confusing your customers every time you explain your business, then this hands on free course is the place to start.

By taking you step by step through a simple yet powerful system, you will create a persuasive message that gets customers interested in your product.

Purpose Storyselling Masterclass

Whether on the stage, virtually, sales meeting, or even one-on-one networking, become the inspiring founder that drives customers to take action and see your business grow even if you are an introvert.

The Storyselling Bootcamp

Work with Juan in this full-day group workshop for business owners looking to get their message and delivery in order so that you can accelerate growth.


Your Team, Startups, or Audience?

If you are an Event Organizer, Accelerator Program, or responsible for your company's education, check the options below.

Startups, Companies, & NGOs 


From launching a new product to aligning your message throughout the organization, this 2-day, hands-on workshop will transform your employees into your largest sales team.

Accelerator Programs

(Workshop, Coaching)

Deliver an outstanding Demo Day that makes your program stand out to investors, partners, and future applicants.

With a solid track record, you can be sure your startups will deliver an engaging, easy to follow, and persuasive pitch, even if they are not the best presenters.

Event Organisers


Need an engaging moderator that not only will deliver an exciting and memorable experience, but also support you in delivering an event your partners will be excited to support and you proud to deliver.