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Become the inspiring leader others admire 

A 6-Week Online Bootcamp for professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, and business owners who want to make an impact by inspiring their audiences to take action.

If you are a knowledgeable expert who wants to use the stage to spread an idea and make an impact, then this bootcamp is for you.

If you find yourself struggling to overcome your fear of public speaking, or find it challenging to get your point across without getting stuck in boring details, then this bootcamp is for you.

Learn to simplify your message, create interest, connect with your audience, and inspire them to grow.

Based on almost 10 years of stage experience delivering talks, moderating events, and facilitating trainings, this bootcamp will transform your skills in 6 weeks.

6-Week Online Bootcamp for entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, startups, business owners and marketeers looking to grow their business by unleashing the power of their story.

It doesn't matter if you have the best product in the world, if you are confusing your customers with your message, your business is doom to fail.

This bootcamp shows you how to use storytelling to simplify your message and develop a unique brand that attracts customers to do business with you.

At the end of the 6 weeks you will have redefined your story, as well as, develop the marketing materials and strategy to deliver it.

Next class starts on May 13th, 2020

Master Communicator

Every Monday you'll get an email with a weekly task designed to help you grow your communication skills.

Whether you implement it or now it's up to you, but every Monday you'll get an email with your weekly task.

Simple and powerful, each task is planned to be easily integrated into your daily routine so you can see results fast and consistently.

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    Pitch Training Workshop

    From 30 Minutes Up To 2 Days Workshop for events, hackathons, startups and corporates wanting to master the way they pitch their business across different situations and audiences.

    From the legendary investor's pitch to a sales pitch, to an elevator pitch, this flexible workshop adapts to your needs and budget.

    Delivered at the client's location, will not only show you what to say, how to say and when to say what but, it will help you turn your employees into your largest sales force.

    Since this workshop is delivered in person, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, it's currently unavailable

    Storytelling Workshop

    From  4 Hours Up To 2 Days Workshop for companies, startups, and accelerator programs wanting to map out their story and redefine the way they position themselves in the market.

    In today's world you no longer get to tell your story, your customers do it for you.

    What story would they share?

    Based on Storytelling, Empathy, and Purpose, this workshop helps you simplify your message, attract customers, and grow your sales.

    Rewrite your story, align your message, your brand, and your experience to reinforce your position in the market and become memorable.

    Since this workshop is delivered in person, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, it's currently unavailable


    Juan is a storytelling consultant helping companies and professionals unleash the power of their story through his unique SEP System.

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