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? Watch It First ?

The Rhetorical Triangle explained in the email is the foundation of Oren's process.

But not only, he gives us a clear process to put it in place, he also makes it very easy for us to understand what is happening in our listener’s mind.

  • 1) Target the “Crocodile Brain.” That’s Pathos, evoke an emotional reaction in your listener to get them interested. 

  • 2) Proceed to target the “Middle Brain.” That’s Ethos, position yourself as the expert by building authority.

  • 3) Finally, you reach your prospect’s neocortex. That’s when Logos comes in, now you can move on to deliver all the logical facts relevant to your message.

The time to go through these stages will depend on the context in which you deliver it. On the phone, in person at a presentation or at a networking event, or email, it will all influence it.

But, given my experience, one thing is for sure, it all happens very fast.

I would say that the first stage happens within max 10 seconds and the second stage can be anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds.

There is a lot of communication happening within the lines accelerating the process.

Especially since it all starts before you even say your first word.

Now that you have a clear overview of the process, the most natural question would be:

How do I create interest? How do I get the crocodile brain to pay attention?

And to that I would add, and how do I make sure I don’t lose my prospect’s interest once I have it?

Well, for that, you are going to have to wait until tomorrow because that’s what Lesson 2 is all about.

Tomorrow, I will show how you can use the expert's curse to your advantage to get your audience to pay attention.

And how to keep it.

Further resources related to this lesson:

Oren Klaff author of "Pitch Anything." Get the book by clicking >> HERE 

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If you want to know more about Aritotle’s Modes of Persuasion, you should watch this TEDxED video from Conor Neill (4:39 min).

He uses a great example to explain the Rhetorical Triangle.

To watch it, click >> HERE

Let's Hear It!

How do you deal with your Expert's Curse when putting together your message?

Did you actually know about the curse? 

I would love to hear what you think.

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