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With Your Pitch

Stop losing money with a confusing message that fails to persuade your customers.

Introducing Pitch Perfect Coaching

Confused customers don't buy. It's time you discover how storytelling and purpose hold the power to transform your business.

Stop leaving customers confused by delivering a simple and persuasive message that attracts people to do business with you.

Whether big or small, you work very hard to get in front of customers, don't let your message hold you back.


Here’s What You’ll Gain From Your Session

Your message is the tip of the iceberg, the result of different elements coming together. For a pitch to work, you need to define your vision, your audience, your product, and much more.

And then break it down along your sales process, while adapting it to the context of each touchpoint. Complex? Definitely. Strategic? For sure!

Sharpen Your Focus

Confusion is created by communicating too many ideas. A clear sales message requires defined goals, a narrow focus, and extremely easy language.

Accelerate Your Growth

A narrowed focus makes it easy for customers to understand how you can help them. At the same time, it positions you as the expert in the field.

Position Your Brand

Your story allows you to show your customers how you are different from everybody else, allowing you to carve yourself a special place in their minds.

Attract More Customers

In a world where people want to do business with companies that belief what they belief, use your purpose to get customers to come to you.

What people say

about their coaching

Results and goals are different from one another but, they all share growth and improvement.

rhina portillo


I knew I needed help to deliver my pitch, to make a story that everyone could understand.

Sometimes you really need an external person with a fresh point of view of your own story. Juan did that and much more.

He took the time to understand our business and develop a story that was compelling.

I will recommend Juan for private 1:1 session he takes the time to understand your project, to meat the team and goals.

He cares about your results and has a special talent for public speaking.

PETAR Ivanov


Juan showed us how to pitch our idea, how to structure our presentation, how to influence the audience and get their attention.

Last but not least, out of the 30 competing teams, we were able to become the winner of the competition thanks to his coaching and this speaks for itself.

DIMITRIOS prodromou


Our company bootstrapped for 3 years and was ready for the next big leap, but we were struggling with the communication.

It was because of Juan’s amazing storytelling skills, that we could shape and refine our ideas. Together, we successfully worked on our strategy & story and developed an awesome pitch.

With this pitch deck, we already had great meetings with Investors and more will follow soon.

Your Pitch Perfect Coaching Process

Based on a 4-Step System.


Part 1: Your Story, Your Product.

We set the foundation for your message by focusing on you, your purpose, your story, both personally and for the business. By looking into the behind-the-scenes story gather the elements that define your product, your business and the impact you want to achieve.


Part 2: Strategic Positioning

We follow by taking a deep look into your customer, the competition and your overall market. We want to identify the niche gaps that will allow you to position your product by anchoring it in the minds of your customers.


Part 3: Your New Message

With step one and two covered, we move forward to bridge the gap between them by bringing everything together to create a persuasive pitch that resonates with your target customer. 


Part 4: Delivery

With your message ready, it's time to ensure it will stand out from the crowd. We finish it off by working on a delivery that uses persuasion triggers to maximize its impact.

About Your Coach, Juan Guerra

Host of the Vienna Pitch Training, business storytelling consultant, and entrepreneur, he works with startup founders, freelancers and, accelerator programs.

Helping them grow their business by simplifying their message and redefining their communication strategies.

What people say about Juan

The goal is to maximize your return on investment so that you can grow a business that provides value for you and those around you.


Legal Tech Hub Vienna

Our Start-Ups loved Juan’s intro into story telling. We had to book Juan again ;-).

Juan helped our start-ups, even the very experienced ones to rework on their stories and get even better!

Roberta Kostadinova

Trending Topics

Juan's professional and simultaneously positive and down-to-earth approach, inspires and brings the best out of people. 

With his passion, patience and rich experience, he is the best teacher one could get if they want to grow, improve and learn how to give their story a voice

Stephanie Kurzweil

Semicolon Relations

Working with Juan Guerra doesn’t feel like working. He’s one of these people that make you feel great - even if you’re talking about serious business topics.

He’s competent without being arrogant, a true passionate about what he’s doing and a person you surely want to meet.

The Value Of Tailored Support For Your Business

As a business owner, learning can go from investing thousands of hours watching Youtube videos all the way to $15.000 coaching with "gurus."

But, with everybody giving you different ideas, hacks and, tricks, it's no wonder that turning content into a strategy can be paralyzing.

Leaving you running in circles wasting your time and money.

But, it doesn't have to be that way. 

The Pitch Perfect Coaching session provides you with an external perspective. Cutting through the information overload to give you a tailored plan of action.

Helping you get more people to see the value you provide so that you can build the business you envision.


  • 1 Private coaching session (2 hrs)
  • Video recording of your session
  • Immediate booking
  • Ready to use professional pitch
  • Covered by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3 Private coaching sessions (2 hrs each)
  • Video recording of all 3 sessions
  • Story and purpose based pitch
  • Immediate booking
  • Ready to use professional pitch
  • Covered by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 4 Private coaching sessions (2 hrs each)
  • 4 Hrs working time for research and copywriting
  • Lifetime access to Pitching Course
  • Video recording of all 4 sessions
  • Story and purpose based pitch
  • Immediate booking
  • Ready to use professional pitch
  • Covered by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*Prices do not include Austrian VAT



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at the end of your coaching session you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome, just let me know and I will refund you 100% of your money.

Don’t wait! Look at what past participants say about their sessions

Roman Grochol


Juan supported us with a 2 days intensive pitch training where intrapreneurship teams of the DPDHL group pitched for a slot in our 4 months incubation program DHL Start-up Lab.

His strong motivation to help the teams, his profound knowledge in training and state of the art pitches and his urge to look for the “Why” behind each idea contributed strongly to the success of the training.

Having 3 out 4 teams proceed to the intrapreneurship program speak volumes of his abilities.


Frames Of Life

Juan helped me to prepare my talk and to connect with my audience on a deeper level with lean and authentic storytelling.

Through his input, I understood that my story is not about me, but about the audience finding themselves in it.

After my talk, several people came to me and told me that they were touched by it, which was really heart-warming for me, giving me the confidence that my talk was structured in a good way.


Elevate Accelerator

Juan's knowledge and dedication has proven to be a great asset for our accelerator program. 

Through his storytelling workshops, he makes sure our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees to join their team.

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Juan is a storytelling consultant helping professionals and small businesses grow by unleashing the power of their story.

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