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How To Simplify 

Your Message

? Watch It First ?

PSI is a short tool that uses the power of storytelling to simplify your business pitch.

Created by Lior Shoham, it even gives you the words you need to get started with your sentences.

Problem >> You know how...?

Solution >> What I/we do is...

Impact >> So that...

So let's run a couple of examples with it.

First one, using the Pitch Perfect Master Class:

1) You know how when you explain your product people stare at you in confusion?

2) What I do is develop online courses and coaching to help freelancers simplify their message.

3) So that they persuade more people to buy their products.

Second one, let's use the Lawyer example from the email:

1) You know how the process of immigration is super slow and extremely bureaucratic?

2) What I do is help legal migrants in the state of Florida normalize their status.

3) So that they can get started with building their lives as soon as possible.

PSI >> Problem, Solution, Impact.

1) What is the problem you solve, 

2) What is the solution you provide and, 

3) Why should they buy your solution.

Noticed that PSI doesn't go on to explain step by step how the solution works.


What you want is to get your prospect interested by giving her a macro perspective of how you can solve their problem.

Sort of like a newspaper headline. 

If you want to find out the whole story, then you have to read the article.

Keep in mind that the majority of people will not be relevant to your business but, they can still help you spread the word. 

Now, if they happened to be experiencing the problem you solve, or they did in the past, or know somebody who may be dealing with it right now, then they will ask you about how you solve the problem.

That means, they are interested.

Overall, what I love about PSI, is that push to strip down your message all the way to its core.

Plus it guides you through it by giving you the beginning words to each point allowing you to focus on the elements that matter most.

Taking it further:

Although PSI will help you deliver a clear message, you may have noticed that it doesn't include any of the elements of the past 3 lessons.

Which means that while great for getting people to know what you do and how you can help them, it's missing to integrate the different triggers necessary to persuade your prospect to trust you and want to take action.

Lesson 5 will show you how to put everything you have learned so far so you can develop your Perfect Sale Pitch.

Resources mentioned in this lesson:

Lior Shoham, for his website, click >> HERE

Let's Hear It!

Share in the comments below your PSI and let's if you can simplify your whole business in 3 simple sentences.

If you have any thoughts or question feel free to drop them in the comments so I can get back to you.


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