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How The Purpose Element Attracts People To Do Business With You

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I believe that mastering your communication skills holds the key to your success

Therefore, I create products that help you simplify your message, create interest, and persuade more people to do business with you.

I just happen to develop great workshops, wanna join one?

As an entrepreneur, you can't separate yourself from your business.

Just as Bill Gates is Microsoft, Jeff Bezos is Amazon and, Elon Musk is Tesla, you are the face of your business.

That’s why figuring out why you do what you do on a personal level, will prove to be an essential element for your business and your brand.

Understanding the WHY behind what you do will align your actions, your decisions, the people you hire, the people you work with, your customers, etc.

It defines your brand, your position, and your message.

It defines what you do and how you do it too!

So, remember, avoid targeting the masses. Instead, focus on the innovators. They know they have a problem and see your product as a solution, making it way easier to sell.

To do so, shape your message in a way where you share the purpose that drives you and your business. This should be the same since you are the same person whether at work or at home.

Follow this by sharing how you do things differently than the rest and finally share with your listener what it's that you do.

Taking it Further

By now, you understand the process you must follow to connect and inspire your prospect. 

You also know how to create interest and how to keep it.

And today, you learned about the power of purpose.

Lesson 4 will show you how to eliminate all the clutter from your message that makes it hard for your listeners to understand your product.

This push for you to bring your pitch to its essence is the final step before crafting the perfect sales pitch.

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Also in this talk, he explains the relationship between the Theory of Diffusion of Innovation and the need to target innovators with your message.

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Let's Hear It!

Do you know why do you do what you do?

Apply the Golden Circles to your business and share the output in the comment section below.

No clue how to get started with it or what to do? Also share it, I’ll be looking to answer your questions and comments.

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