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How To Create Interest With These 2 Powerful & Easy Tools

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In order for these tools to work, you need to have a clear idea of who your audience is.

You need to know what their fears and aspirations are, what matters to them, what assumptions do they have, and what do they struggle with the most.

You also need to have an overview of your product, as well as, your market.


Because for the Information Gap to work, it needs to be relevant to your prospect and easy to understand.

In the example at the end of the lesson 2 email.

The one about the 3-letter word.

The goal was to create an Information Gap between what you know about communication and what I know.

How did I do that?

Your background, aspirations, dreams, goals, fears, may be different from the other students but, I know that if you are taking this master class is because you want to improve your communication skills.

I know that you value the role of communication and see it as a contributing factor to the success of your business.

So when I tell you there is 1 word with the power to influence your relationships, I know that this will resonate with you because it’s related to the topic of the master class.

Now, do you want to know what the word is?

"But" is the word and it should be replaced by the word "and"

About getting to know your audience:

You may feel your prospects are very different from each other, but, there is always something that brings them together.

Take this master class for example, students want to improve their communication skills, grow their influence, increase their sales.

These are all related.

At the same time, the common thing they share is their struggle to communicate their business in a simple way.

Your prospects are not going to be that different.

They may be completely different from one another but, they all come to you because they have the same problem.

And that problem leads to similar frustrations based on similar aspirations and assumptions.

Figure out what they are.

As long as you don’t know them, you will struggle to grow your business.

About getting to know your market:

Start by asking, who else is trying to solve the same problem for your customers? How are your customers currently solving the problem you want to solve for them?

In today’s world of niches, you will be able to spot a gap in the market.

Use it to position yourself.

"In an over-communicated society, positioning will be the element that will get people to buy from you" Al Ries and Jack Trout authors of the book Positioning.

It’s easier to create a new category and position yourself first than try to compete with the leaders of existing categories.

Red Bull didn’t try to compete with Coca Cola, instead, they created the energy drink category and positioned themselves first.

Figure out what your prospects hear and see in your industry.

Find the gap and look to put yourself first in your prospect’s mind.

Taking it further

As you look out there, you will see that most of your competitors fail to become truly, inspiring leaders.

This will hurt them in the long run.

As markets become crowded and the fight for consumer’s attention intensifies, there is one thing that will make you stand out from the rest.

Take a look at today’s leading companies and you will notice that they are doing something different.

Or better said, they are communicating very differently than the rest.

Apple, Tesla, Google, Harley Davidson, Chick-fil-A , etc.

They are leading movements because they have changed the way they communicate their business.

And tomorrow, I will show you how you can build a brand that inspires others to do business with you.

Lesson 3 is all about The Purpose Element.

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What would you say to create an information gap in your prospect’s mind?

Give it a try in the comment section below. 

Let’s put it into practice.

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