Pitch Like A Pro And See Your 
Influence & Business Grow

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Persuade More People To Do Business With You

This master class will show you how to stop confusing your prospects with your message so that you can increase conversions without sounding "salesy"

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Your Listener's





Adding The 
Purpose Element


Simplifying Your Message


Your Perfect
Sales Pitch

Use Storytelling To Connect, Build Trust and Persuade.

Fail to get your message across, fail to earn your prospect's trust and that will be the end of it. People will just move on.

If your market doesn't understand your product or service, you will continue to struggle to grow your business.

At The End Of This Master Class, You Will:

Know How To Get People Interested In Your Product or Service

Discover 2 tools you can start using right away to get the attention of your prospects.

Have A Simplified Version Of Your Business Pitch

What is important for you, is most likely irrelevant to your prospect. I will show an excellent structure to eliminate the clutter.

Know How To Attract People To Do Business With You

People who have similar beliefs are attracted to each other, I will show you how to make this work for your business.

Be Able To Sell Your Services Without Sounding "Salesy"

Stories are extremely persuasive and memorable, I'll show you how to use them in your pitch to turn prospects into customers.

About Your Trainer Juan

Host of the Vienna Pitch Training, entrepreneur and coach, he works with startup founders, freelancers and, accelerator programs.

Helping them grow their business by simplifying their message and redefining their communication strategies.

Impressions About Juan:

Katharina Binder

ELEVATE Accelerator Program

 "Juan's knowledge and dedication is a great asset for our accelerator program. Through his workshops, our startups succeed in their pursuit of funding, customers, and employees"

Stoyan Staynov 

Creative Web Engineer

"Juan brings a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to unfold any doubts about their pitch and gain the needed confidence for when presenting in front of clients/investors"

Thomas Fiedler 

Lecturer at FH Campus Wien

"Juan's unique ability to combine serious and valuable content with entertaining and fun, empowered our students to improve their presentation skills significantly"

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